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I am Michal

I am Michal, a professional graphic designer and an artist in my very being. With an open mind and an observing eye, I create, breathe, and live the colors and shapes. I give freedom to my imagination and get excited about creating something new each time, beginning with a single black line. When the muse takes over, I dive into my keyboard and create the digital collages that swirl in my head.

The collages I create consist of digital drawings (using Logitech’s Harmony software), photographic elements, color surfaces, processed together in Photoshop, until the moment I feel that the eye is happy and the hands relax, and the imagination has become a reality of form and color.

I found myself participating in exhibitions, after I “shed light” on my own, very personal work, daring exposure to the general public. This process gives me great excitement and provides me closure of an important circle.


INSIGHT - Solo exhibition in Amsterdam

Just recently I returned from an international medical conference in Amsterdam, where I exhibited my CT-SCANS artworks.

The reactions to my "exposure" - were very emotional and excited. Visitors asked me about the images I created and their meanings. How I felt ... what was in my mind while creating different images…. the conversations with them sometimes became very personal. Some of the visitors confessed that they had seen a lot of CTs before, but I created for them a new and different way to look at these scans. 

Here you can read more about my experience ...



Solo exhibition: "Granot Gallery", Emek Hefer, 08/2023

Solo exhibition: EAU2023, Milano, 03/2023

Solo exhibition: "Sapir cultural center", Cfar-Saba, 11/2022

Solo exhibition: EAU2022, Amsterdam, 07/2022

Group exhibition: “Granot”, Hadera, Israel, 06/2021

Group exhibition: “Migdal Ha’Maim Gallery", Shefayim, Israel, 02/2021

Solo exhibition: “Migdal Ha’Maim Gallery", Shefayim, Israel, 11/2019

Group exhibition: “Ayelet Boker Gallery,” Tel Aviv, Israel, 10/2019

Solo exhibition: “Machon Ha’Maim Gallery", Givataym, Israel, 08/2019


Online exhibitions:

Contemporary Art Gallery, “All Abstract”, 06/2022 - Second place

Camelback Gallery, "Bold Abstracts", 04/2021

Las Laguna Art Gallery, "Women in Art – 2021", 03/2021

Yosemite Sierra Artists (Women's Voices, Women's Vision), “Visions of Self,” 03/2021

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, “Abstracts,” 03/2021

Art Room Gallery, “Colors,” 02/2021

Contemporary Art Gallery, “All Color,” 12/2020 - Gallery Choice for "colors in my head"






2_20240210190540.816.jpgתלוייה על קירות הגלריה_20240210190555.629.jpg