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Black and white sketches

A few years ago, I became sick. During that time, I met Prof. Leibowitz, a medical doctor who is an artist in his own right. He introduced me to the Harmony painting software. It’s a simple drawing software with several types of brushes that allow the user to scribble, primarily in black and white.

After releasing my pain from the CTs, I found myself turning a corner in the world of painting, drawing, and scribbling.

I installed the software on my mobile phone, iPad, and computer and started drawing randomly with my left little finger, which, for me, acted like a digital pen.

I had this need everywhere: at home, while waiting for a meeting, at a cafe, on the train. Even as we were hiking outdoors. For example, in mountainous Jordan, where Mark dipped into the Jordan river, I kept scribbling. I abandoned the books and puzzles and drew on the various screens according to the spirit of imagination that was upon me. The mobile phone and the iPad are always with me, and so is my left little pinkie finger.

There is no way to delete unnecessary lines, no way to save. You can just take a screen shot, create an image, and save it to the intended folder.

Since then, this folder has been boosted and filled with drawings created spontaneously under different moods. This has become a continuous process, forming a meaningful part of my life.