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Recently, as I continued scribbling, drawing, and making my collages, I looked for another creative way to add more interesting layers to my artwork.

In my day-to-day life, I walk around with wide-open eyes, absorbing the shapes, compositions, and colors around me, capturing the sights that catch my eye.

All these photos I take create a personal image bank with a variety of visuals, such as landscapes, people, colors, and atmospheres: a database for inspiration.

One evening I decided to join one of my photographs as background for one of my scribbles. While doing so, I discovered a new world.

The process—choosing a photo, reworking it with Photoshop, combining it with a digital drawing, adding shapes and colors—is another part of my collage artwork experience.

This particularly colorful episode, where collages are built inspired by reality visuals, is that which caught my eye as a photographer.